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Confederacy of Treaty No. 6 First Nations Chiefs Steering Committee on Consultation.

Mission Statement:
The Chiefs Committee on Consultation's Mission is to provide leadership in the Treaty Six First Nations Consultation Mandate in coordination with the United Nations Declaration on the rights of Indigenous peoples Article 37 States that Treaties are to be honored and respected. 

This Mission is achieved by:
Reviewing and Monitoring the Consultation Status of all Treaty Six First Nations in Alberta; Analyzing Policies, providing guidance for developing processes; Promoting system partnerships; and, Encouraging and supporting Treaty Six First Nations engagement in improving healthy and sustainable communities. 

Vision Statement:
Our vision is to improve the health, safety and well being of Treaty Six First Nations. 

The Chiefs Steering Committee on Consultation will work to promote social progress and improved quality of life and health for Treaty Six First Nations of Alberta by:

  • Advocating for protection, recognition and implementation of the

  • First Nations Treaty and Constitutionally Protected Rights and interests to Land, Air, Water and resources thereof;

  • Reviewing policies, legislation, programs and research; ensuring these implemented based on the best interests of Treaty Six First Nations;

  • Maintaining effective communication and liaison strategies with Treaty Six First Nations and other networks;

  • Increase the capacity of Treaty Six First Nations in the governance, industry and Traditional First Nations Areas of Mutual Interest;

  • Assure access to Consultation services and delivery for Treaty Six First Nations;

  • Reduce Consultation Disparities for Treaty Six First Nations;

  • Improve Consultation Best Practices by promoting healthy behaviors and relationships within Treaty Six First Nation Communities; and,

  • Promote the respect of First Nations Holistic Models with respect to Consultation with industry, government and other First Nations.


Department Contact Information:

Consultation Liaison: 


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